Our location near Marseille-Fos seaport opens new opportunities of supply for European importers

ContainerIn this end of 2015 the validity of our location near the port of Marseille Fos, is confirmed with the arrival, in sea containers, of goods from Australia and South Africa to be treated by Steripure prior to their dispatch in various European countries.

First French sea port and a natural gateway to Southern Europe, Marseille Fos is a true alternative to the Northern ports of Europe. It is now possible to transport products to Marseille and get them processed upon arrival by Steripure which is located within 50 kilometers from the port. Our location in Rousset is a clear asset in logistics optimization and allows our customers to consider new sources of supply in Africa.

Africa is becoming a strong alternative source in the tight market for nuts, especially cashew, pecan and macadamia at prices below traditional sources such as the US or Australia but with a much less satisfactory bacteriological level. The price advantage can allow to envisage a systematic preventive pasteurization and thus provide a perfectly safe product while remaining very competitive. Africa has also another key asset vs. Australia: Travel time. When it takes about six weeks to sea freight goods to Europe from Australia, 3 weeks only are required for a shipment from South Africa. On the macadamia nuts for example, one can combine the price and logistics advantages to offer the European market a secured product, within shorter lead times at virtually no additional cost to the distributor.

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