French customs authorities have agreed to entrust Steripure for the treatment of contaminated batches blocked in Finland

The cardamom seeds were prohibited for importing by customs upon arrival in Finland as not in conformity with local regulation on bacteriological contamination.

These products had only two options: being destroyed on the spot or sent back to their country of origin. But, on urgent request from their Guatemala exporter, we were able to convince both Finnish and French authorities (and French DGCCRF) of our ability to solve the bacteriological issue. We were then granted permission to import these seeds on the French territory, treat them and re-export them after treatment.

This type of authorization is always granted on a case-by-case basis and cannot be applied to all contaminations, which makes the procedure uncommon. However, it remains for European importers, an alternative to the destruction of their products.

Some Brazil nuts batches from Bolivia could also benefit from similar authorization and are currently awaiting approval from concerned customs authorities.

News May 2017