The “Almond Board of California” protocol used to validate the efficiency of our process on seeds

Last year, Steripure had submitted its process of vacuum and steam pasteurization to the protocol set by the Almond Board of California.

The tests, carried out on almonds in the presence of a Food Inspector accredited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has granted
Steripure a formal validation for a 6 log reduction on salmonella strains.

On the same lines than for almonds, the Steripure process has also been validated by the CTCPA (Center for Agricultural Products Conservation) using the same protocol, for a 5 log reduction of salmonella on macadamia nuts.

On these two nuts, our vacuum & steam treatment resulted into a reduction of pathogens between 5.8 and 9 log, the average value being 7.8 log.

In order to provide maximum guarantees to our customers, we decided to use the same Almond Board of California’s protocol (which is currently the most successful and the only one to be recognized worldwide) to extend the validation of our process to seeds treatment. It is an independent third party, the AQMC laboratory located near Montpellier, which has been chosen to monitor the application of the protocol and to validate the results.

We now have certificates attesting to the capacity of our equipment to ensure a minimum reduction of 5 log on 6 types of seeds:
• Pumpkin and sunflower seeds treated with Statisol
• Chia seeds, linseeds, poppy seeds and sesame seeds treated on Rotosol

News May 2017