Olga Pierson and Marine Polesel have joined our team

Olga Pierson is our new sales manager in charge of France, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and South America. Born in White Russia, Olga came to France fifteen years ago to finish her Master’s degree in International Business. She has about ten years of experience in the import and export of fruit and vegetables and has excellent knowledge of the challenges that producer cooperatives are facing.

She speaks 5 languages, including Russian and Polish, a skill that we lacked and that is particularly important to us in order to facilitate exchanges with our customers in Eastern Europe.

Marine Polesel has seconded Sophie Ausset in the quality department. She joined Steripure on the occasion of her final internship, graduating as an agricultural engineer in 2016.

She will manage most of the fieldwork, including process optimization, allowing Sophie to devote more time to customer relationships and laboratory work.

Newsletter january 2018