A solution adapted to every need

Steripure’s service is intended for importers and operators whose products such as herbs, spices, dried fruits, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, seeds, powders, require pasteurization or sterilization treatment. This operation is more and more often required by users of this type of product. It is necessary in the case of a microbiological type of contamination detected, high bacterial load, salmonella, E-coli, molds, yeasts, infestations (insects, larvae).

Why call on  Steripure?

  • Food safety is mandated by Regulatory authorities and by customers. In addition product recalls and food borne illness outbreaks are costly and can be ruinous to your customer brands.
  • Saturated steam offers a natural treatment alternative to consumers looking for a safe product without using processes such as irradiation and fumigation.
  • Steripure can insure a validated process with a >5log reduction performance over an extensive range of products.

What are minimum volumes?

Steripure can run test size batches for specific orders but also has capacities to run multiples loads of several thousand pounds efficiently and in a timely manner.

What are the packaging options?

Big bags, bilk bags or cartons.

Microbial load reduction validated to >5log

The saturated steam/vacuum treatment is a highly effective treatment to reduce the total bacterial load, yeasts, mold, and leads to the total destruction of all the larvae, eggs and insects.

The pressure dimension of the process allows controlling saturated steam conditions. The system can operate in a vacuum where the evaporation temperature of water drops below 100°C allowing efficient pasteurization in saturated steam conditions at lower temperatures.

A significant and efficient reduction of the microbial load is guaranteed, in particular pathogens (Salmonella and E. coli), yeasts and molds and insects in all stages of development, and also thermal resistant spores are reduced.

The precise process control system ensures the  perfect control of the saturation of the steam and thus the moisture can be precisely controlled. The moisture level and water activity of the treated products is the same as before treatment.The batch process allows full traceability.

Delicate products treated in static bins are not damaged by movement during the process.

No risk of cross contamination because the product is never in contact with the autoclave walls.

The shelf life of the products is improved by eliminating spoilage microorganisms and by reducing enzymatic lipid oxidation activity.