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Innovative pasteurization service

which keeps all the quality of the treated products

Safety is now a major issue in the agri-food sectors, the food supplement market and the cosmetics. The normative requirements and expectations of consumers require each operator to be very vigilant about the microbiological quality of the products treated. Since 2012, Steripure has been offering an innovative dry product pasteurization service suitable for several types of products (nuts, nuts, nuts, dried fruits, herbs, spices in seed or powder, but also cosmetics and supplements. food). This service is intended for European importers or operators.

Microbiological pasteurization services

Saturated steam

This latest-generation technique allows a wide range of products for which a reduction in microbiological load is useful or necessary prior to process, without altering them, whether it is to comply with technical specifications or to treat contaminated lots. This process is particularly efficient because the saturation of the steam is fully controlled. As a result, it reaches products more quickly and efficiently, in a homogeneous manner.


Rapid and significant reduction in microbial load

such as pathogens (salmonella and E.Coli), yeasts and Moulds, as well as insects at all stages of development.


The processes are not affected or little altered by the process

(appearance, organoleptic characteristics, taste, essential oil load, etc.) because the temperatures applied are lower than in conventional steam pasteurization processes.


An effective, adapted and efficient process

which enables Steripure to support all producers, industrialists and other players working with low moisture content products in the food, health, cosmetics and beauty markets

A unique service in Europe

In recent years, several serious incidents have been revealed in the agri-food industry in both Europe and the United States. Food safety watchdogs routinely update the potential risks of contamination that increasingly lead to recalls of contaminated products.

Several technologies exist in the field of pasteurization. Most of them involve processes that lead to the loss of some of the organoleptic, taste or even antioxidant qualities, and cause various alterations to the products.

Steripure brings its expertise in this field with its innovative process allowing a reduction of more than 5 log of bacterial load pathogenic or not on any type of dry or semi-dry product, whole or in powder form. This process operates at substantially lower temperatures than other thermal processes and does not alter the treated products in their taste, shape or appearance.

The specificities and advantages of the Steripure process make it the reference solution in the field of pasteurization in Europe.

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