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Experts in decontamination of low-moisture products

The undetected presence of pathogenic bacteria or poorly controlled bacterial flora can impact the entire supply chain of a product while leading to potential product recalls, non-compliance, brand damage and consumer disappointment.

Beyond regulatory requirements in France and Europe, the market often requires strict specifications for growers and importers.

In order to control these constraints and risks, Steripure makes its equipment, skills and expertise available.

A continuous improvement quality approach

Steripure engages and improves its expertise every day around 2 fundamental approaches in the food industry:

Food Fraud and Food Defense, to protect products from any modification of its composition for economic purposes or from a simple desire to harm the consumer or the company.
Food Safety Culture (FSC), defined as a set of shared values, beliefs and norms, which affect the mindset and behaviour towards food safety within an organisation, across the organisation and throughout the organisation.

These 2 continuous processes have, through rigorous requirements, imposed by a set of certifications and validations obtained by Steripure, a double objective:

Empowering employees
To improve the company’s performance, by focusing on the customer experience

A global service

Steripure offers global pasteurization solutions to eliminate microbiological contaminations before returning a value-added product with all its physical and organoleptic qualities maintained.

An industrial testing Center

Two specific lines (Statisol ®50 and Rotosol ®60) are dedicated to testing. The protocols are tailored to each product’s specification and customer’s expectation. Contact us to find out more.


Co-development benefits

We provide customized procedures: define the testing protocols, analysis of the requested parameters, third party analytical laboratories and certifying bodies, summary reports.

Which products?

Since April 2012, more than 300 different products have been processed in our equipment. Steripure can also pasteurize:

  • Dry or low-humidity agri-food products
  • Dietary supplements or nutraceuticals
  • Bio-cosmetic ingredients