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Processed products

Decontamination of 13 families of low-moisture processed products:

Steripure processes a wide range of products in the food, cosmetics and nutraceutical sectors, demonstrating its leadership in decontamination, debacterization, pasteurization and sterilization since 2011.

Our innovative technology is applied to a wide range of products, the fruit of partnerships with our 400 customers.

Our catalog, constantly evolving thanks to these collaborations, aims to reduce microbiological contamination while preserving the organoleptic qualities of products. We specialize in processing products such as nuts, powders, seeds and others with low moisture content.

With 7 certifications, Steripure guarantees that its products and services comply with industry standards. We currently have 18 validations for all our processed products, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and compliance. These validations have all been certified by AQMC (Analyses Qualité Microbiologie Conseil) and Certified Laboratories Inc, testifying to our ongoing commitment to quality improvement.

To date, Steripure has successfully decontaminated, pasteurized and sterilized over 200 products in 13 distinct families. If your product is not on our list, please contact us via the dedicated form.

Discover our diverse range and test your products with confidence.