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An Innovative process

Steripure was founded in 2012 by Olivier Bourgois. A first pilot installation in Eguilles, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, allowed a 12-month testing and performance validation campaign for major European clients.

The Steripure process is based on technology developed in Switzerland by Napasol.

Olivier Bourgois had the opportunity to use this technology (steam injection after a deep vacuum) in the Eurovanille factory, of which he was co-director with his brother until 2010.

Our factory

Steripure moved into the industrial stage in 2013 by moving to the Rousset plant (13) where the tool has greatly improved, in order to meet a growing number of customers and partners.

2018 saw the birth of the new Gardanne site, adapted to the constraints of the agri-food industry and the requirements of cosmetics. Steripure has equipped itself with high-performance facilities that meet the specifications of its customers and allow to work on several products at once without the risk of cross-contamination.

l'entreprise steripure