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For the cosmetics and nutraceutical market

Why has Steripure become the specialized leader in the decontamination and pasteurization of ingredients intended to be used in the cosmetics and nutraceutical industry?

The contamination of ingredients intended for the cosmetics and nutraceutical industry, a risk not to be underestimated

The pathogenic micro-organisms such as bacteria, moulds or yeasts can involve risks on several levels:

A risk to the health of users: skin infections, irritations, allergic reactions, redness, swelling, etc. Risks may vary depending on the nature of the cosmetic product, the extent of the contamination, the number of people exposed and their individual sensitivity.

A risk for stocks: microorganisms can multiply rapidly under favorable conditions, such as high humidity and ambient temperature. This can lead to changes in product texture, color or odor, and even to the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

A business risk: loss of consumer confidence and reputational problems for the company marketing the product

Decontaminating ingredients with low moisture content: A challenge for all by finding the most effective solution

In this context, it seems undeniable that all actors involved in the manufacture of cosmetic products must minimize these risks by treating upstream raw materials with low moisture content such as plants and herbs, powders, flowers, seaweeds etc.. And this processing must be done while respecting the key properties of the products:

The intrinsic qualities of natural ingredients such as moisturizing properties, nourishing properties, soothing properties, antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory properties etc.

The various certifications such as Cosmébio, Ecocert of the market.

The pasteurization of ingredients with low moisture content appears thus as an important stage to guarantee the safety and the quality of the cosmetic products. It becomes an essential step in the manufacturing process of safe and high quality cosmetic products. But attention with the various processes of pasteurization! Not all of them have the same qualities and not all of them meet the same regulatory and industrial requirements.

Steripure, your reference partner for the most efficient decontamination

Sharing the same objectives as all the actors involved in the manufacture of cosmetic products (Safety and Quality), Steripure has innovated in the process of pasteurization of products with low moisture content intended for the manufacture of powder, cream, oil, milk for body and skin care.
To avoid any contamination, Steripure offers a state-of-the-art rotary pasteurization technology based on three dimensions (temperature, time and pressure), which allows to treat the products without altering their intrinsic qualities and also preserving your certifications.
Steripure has become the leader in Europe in the decontamination of products with a low moisture content, and accompanies all its customers in achieving their objectives by sharing the same stakes: the safety and health of consumers using cosmetic and nutraceutical products.

L'expertise dans la cosmétique
L'expertise dans la cosmétique