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24 May 2024 Total elimination of hydrocyanic acid in flaxseed

Flaxseeds are recognized for their nutritional benefits, including high levels of omega-3, fiber and lignans. However, they also contain hydrocyanic acid, a potentially toxic compound. Galab Laboratories recently carried out a series of analyses to assess the effectiveness of a treatment, using saturated steam injection

15 February 2024 No, E.Coli doesn’t just exist on cheese

What is E. Coli bacteria? E.coli is a particularly dangerous germ that can lead to death, as well as irreversible lifelong damage. E.coli is also found on dry ingredients such as nuts, seeds and natural powders.   How can you prevent contamination? Prevention is the key to food safety, and

20 December 2023 A solution for reducing hydrocyanic acid content

Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1881/2006 (2) sets maximum levels for certain contaminants, including hydrocyanic acid, in foodstuffs. The European Commission has set the maximum level of hydrocyanic acid authorized for flaxseed at 150 mg/kg. Naturally produced by certain plants, it is therefore extremely toxic and can be

17 November 2023 Roasting does not replace pasteurization

Microbiological contamination, particularly in raw products such as nuts, is a major risk. Roasting alone is insufficient for effective pasteurisation. Hot air only achieves a 2-log reduction, which is not enough to control the risk of salmonella, which requires a 5-log reduction. The NAPASOL system uses saturated

23 October 2023 Saturated steam pasteurization improves nut preservation.

A thesis published in 2023 by the Walnut Board of California demonstrates the positive effect on rancidity and vitamin E content of batch treatment.  They compared saturated steam, continuous heat treatment & no treatment at all. The 2 systems studied are: the NAPASOL system and a

17 November 2022 Building a green business

Building a green business Individuals and companies alike, we all need to think about our environmental impact. Covid, the war in Ukraine and the latest climatic developments all call on us to accelerate our actions in this direction, and as quickly as possible for eco-companies committed

23 September 2022 Our quality philosophy

Steripure has placed quality at the core of its strategy since its inception. The fundamental priority is to improve agricultural raw materials for the food and cosmetics industries. This quality approach is developed around 3 dimensions:   Rigorous processes of quality with an organization at the rendezvous Steripure is

15 July 2022 Exporting foodstuffs for the agri-food industry to the United States

Exporting foodstuffs for the agri-food industry to the United States If you want to export food products, such as nuts, to the United States, you need to think ahead. The American dream exists, but if you don't take the necessary precautions, it can quickly become a

6 August 2021 Food microbial contamination: a hot topic!

When microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and toxins come into contact with food, the latter are contaminated. Not a quarter goes by without a hot topic about food microbial contamination. It is therefore a danger to public health. Fortunately, you can take your precautions beforehand,