Services to suit every need

Steripure offers a wide range of services for the food, cosmetics and nutraceutical markets

Steripure’s services are aimed at importers and operators whose products, such as herbs, spices, dried fruit, dehydrated fruit and vegetables, seeds and powders, require pasteurization or sterilization treatment. Today, users of these products are increasingly demanding this operation. It is necessary in the event of microbiological contamination, high bacterial load, salmonella, E-coli, molds, yeasts, infestations (insects, larvae).

Why use our services?

The many advantages of Steripure’s services:

  • Quality benefits for your products: Sterilization, debacterialization, infestation control, decontamination, and all this for a wide range of products.
  • Guarantees:
    • Products are no longer subjected to inappropriate treatments (e.g. irradiation, fumigation, ionization, etc.).
    • Once treated, the ingredient is free from contamination.

At a time when maritime transport has become a major economic and climatic issue, Steripure enables all European importers to avoid the return and rejection of goods. Whatever the reason (mandated by the phytosanitary authorities or by the customer), the return of goods has become irresponsible.

Reduce hydrocyanic acid content

The European Commission has set the maximum level of hydrocyanic acid authorized for flaxseed at 150 mg/kg.

The saturated steam pasteurization system eliminates a significant proportion of the hydrocyanic acid contained in flaxseed. It also reduces the microbial load by 5 log of salmonella. Steripure’s equipment can process quantities ranging from a few kilograms to several dozen tonnes per day.

The benefits are twofold:

  • Reduced microbial load
  • Reduced concentration of the acid present on the linseed.


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What are minimum volumes?

Steripure can run test size batches for specific orders but also has capacities to run multiples loads of several thousand pounds efficiently and in a timely manner.

What are the packaging options?

Big bags, bilk bags or cartons.

Microbial load reduction validated to >5log

The process significantly reduces the bacterial, yeast and mold load, and completely destroys all larvae, eggs and insects.

What’s more, under vacuum, the vaporization temperature of the steam is less than 100°C, enabling us to work effectively at lower temperatures than those used elsewhere.

As a result, rapid and significant reduction of the microbial load is guaranteed, particularly on pathogens (salmonella and E-coli), yeasts, molds and insects at all stages of development.

Pressure control ensures perfect control of the saturation of the injected steam and therefore of the moisture input, while the moisture content of the products remains virtually unchanged after treatment.

The principle of batch processing ensures that products do not come into contact with each other, thus avoiding cross-contamination.

What’s more, the products are treated statically. They are therefore not damaged by movement.

Finally, thanks to these advanced treatment processes, product shelf life is significantly improved, guaranteeing optimum quality and safety throughout storage and subsequent use.