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Our certifications

Our Certifications

Steripure has obtained 7 certifications to date, demonstrating that our product/service meets the expectations of the sector and, above all, they guarantee that the improvement of the quality of our products/services is a permanent and systematic process in our organisation!

What are our certifications?

ISO 22000 : Steripure officially obtained ISO 22000 certification from Bureau Veritas on 15 October 2015.

This certification, which was acquired barely two years after the launch of the business, is a milestone in the implementation of the company’s structures. It enables Steripure to meet the expectations of all its customers, and in particular large groups with highly developed quality systems.

ISO 22000

FSSC 22000 : Steripure has been officially certified by DNV Certification since November 2019.

This certification is an achievement and allows Steripure to meet the expectations of all its customers, in particular large groups that have highly developed quality systems.

FSSC 22000

BIO : Steripure has been certified since 2013 by Ecocert

This Organic certification guarantees that the treatment, traceability and process control of Steripure technology. Your products will keep all their initial organic and bio properties.


FAIR FOR LIFE : Steripure is certified by Ecocert since 2021

The Fair for Life label allows the marketing of fair trade products throughout the world.

This Fair for Life certification proves that the debacterialization applied to the products entrusted to Steripure, allows the preservation of the fair trade approach in which the products are engaged.

Fair for life

KOSHER : Steripure is certified since 2019 by the European Kosher Certification Board.

Kosher certification proves that the Steripure food safety processing of your products guarantees their initial labelling.


HALAL : Steripure is certified since 2020 by HIFMI

The Halal certification testifies to the strict adherence of Steripure’s technology to Muslim principles and values.


NOP : Steripure has been committed since 2022 and monitored by ECOCERT.

The USDA NOP organic commitment allows the marketing of organic products in the USA.

The “Organic agriculture USA” label will allow you to secure your organic products for export to the North American continent, by guaranteeing, thanks to Steripure technology, a flawless food safety for the administrative authorities.