Detection of microbiological problems in a mixture of seeds : what to do ?

A simple routine bacteriological analysis of a mixture ready to be marketed which invalidate the results obtained upstream, and it is a whole batch of high added value product which can be brought to destruction.

Indeed, each seed type reacts differently to heat treatment and it is usually impossible to obtain a good reduction of the microbiological load without damaging one or more components of the mixture.

Mélange 3 grainesOf course, it is always possible to re-sort the mix to deal separately with the different ingredients, but this operation is complicated and expensive.

That’s why Steripure has recently been asked to study the possibility of pasteurizing a mix of nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Capitalizing on the specificities of our processes (vacuum, injection and precise control of steam saturation) and on the experience gained in dealing with many products with very different behaviors, we could optimize our overall settings to provide a «recipe» which yielded the expected bacteriological results without degrading the texture, color or taste of any of the ingredients. The 12 tons of processed mix could thus be put on sale quickly and cheaply.

You now know what to do if you detect a problem in one of your dry food mix : Rely on us !

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