Preventive pasteurization : a raising demand that will soon sharply reduce the cost of treatment.

Container graines courgeIt is a fact, major European prime contractors have integrated into their HACCP approach the risks related to the presence of pathogens in dried fruits. They are increasingly likely to require their suppliers to systematically pasteurize the products they purchase.

This fundamental trend translates into a very rapid increase in volumes treated by Steripure early this year (+ 300% compared to 2015). If the curative pasteurization still represents 60% of our business it is the preventive one that records the strongest growth rate. It should become our main activity in the coming months. Demand still comes mainly from the French territory, but we are dealing more and more with products coming from Northern Europe players (Germany, Netherlands) and we recently received our first pasteurization orders from Spain.

We treat more and more full truckloads of nuts, which are directly concerned by preventive pasteurization for Chargement camionwhich our process is particularly well adapted.

So we decided to expand and multiply by 3 our area dedicated to deconditioning / reconditioning operations. This will allow us to double our processing capacity, improve our productivity and reduce our production costs.

Our new premises, which are also planned to host a second « industrial size » pasteurization equipment should be operational within a year and will be located in the neighborhood of the current Steripure facilities.

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