Steripure invited by the Spanish Almond Board (Almendras) to present the fundamentals of pasteurization

Spain is the leading European almonds grower, with exports to over 140 countries, but also a major importer of nuts (hazelnuts, pistachios …).logo Almendrave_g
For its annual meeting held on 13 and 14 April in Cordoba, the Spanish Almond Board (Almendrave), which brings together the main Spanish producers, exporters and importers, asked Steripure conduct a specific session on nuts pasteurization. The presentation was carried out by Luis Rubio Gonzáles, Steripure’s sales representative for Spain.

The program : Pathogenic risks on dry products, ongoing strengthening of health requirements in the European market and review of the various nuts pasteurization processes and technics.

Addressed for the first time in plenary session, the pasteurization issue sparked lively exchanges that reflect a real awareness of the risks, the changing expectations of distributors and the strategic choices already operated by other European producers (see our article from September 2015 Nuts : Eastern Europe expands its offers for pasteurized products).

Being convinced that, for the most part of the production, preventive pasteurization will be unavoidable in the short term in order not to lose markets, but also to help win new ones, members of the SAB-Almendrave were very interested to explore different processes available to them.

They appreciated the main advantage of the vacuum and saturated steam injection to obtain a significant reduction of microbial load without major modification of the organoleptic properties of treated products.

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