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Equipment validation by FDA/Almond Board of California

Equipment validation by FDA/Almond Board of California

Steripure 5log Certificate-1Steripure Vacuum+Steam pasteurization system has been validated by FDA / Almond Board of California (July 2014) protocol

Our vacuum + saturated steam treatment process has been validated according to the Almond Board of California (ABC) protocol. The tests, performed on almonds in the presence of an authorized inspector by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have indeed confirmed the capacity of our equipment to ensure a 6 log reduction of Salmonella strains.

For almost 10 years, all raw almonds sold in the US must be systematically pasteurized, according to the specifications issued by the Almond Board of California. This organization has established, in collaboration with the FDA, an approval procedure on 5 log reduction for salmonella which is now recognized worldwide.

The approved process of Steripure is a definite advantage for all players who want to provide guarantees to their customers (retailers and manufacturers) as to the performance of the treatment carried out on their products.

The Steripure customers will now be able to support their quality and HACCP system with the official validation of the Almond Board of California, which will also allow them to export to the US market.

Steripure is to date the only European service provider to offer a Vacumm+Steam pasteurisation treatment approved by the FDA and the Almond Board of California.

Our process, is particularly product friendly, preserving all organoleptic characteristics and can be applied to all batch sizes from 600 kg onward. It was also approved for a 5 log reduction of Salmonella strains on macadamia nuts by CTCPA (Technical Centre for the Conservation of Agricultural Products), also according to the Almond Board of California’s protocol.


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