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Six years of expertise and know how in Steam Sterilization Services for low moisture products

Six years of expertise and know how in Steam Sterilization Services for low moisture products

Steripure was founded in 2012 by Olivier Bourgois, following the vision that the agglomeration of industries, the more and more sophisticated means of product traceability, increasingly widespread media coverage of food scandals and rising conscience about microbiological risk on low moisture food ingredients will profoundly change the market’s need for food safety management.


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The project started with a pasteurisation installation in Eguilles, France, where the company was able to demonstrate the performance of this innovative process by treating products for several European customers. Steripure was amongst the first to invest into high-end technology developed by Napasol, a Swiss company whose process is based on combining vacuum and saturated steam. Olivier Bourgois was familiar with this technology, it having been used for treating vanilla products in the company Eurovanille which he founded with his brother before.

In 2013 Steripure expanded into a facility in Rousset, France. There, additional technology was installed to meet growing customer demand, notably two static pasteurisation lines Statisol 50 and Statisol 600 and one rotating unit Rotosol 60. In order to meet the expectations of big account buyers, third party validations for 5 log germ reduction were successfully conducted on the static and rotating units, strictly applying the only valid framework for kill-step validation as prescribed by the Almond Board of California under the Food and Drugs Administration.

Today, Steripure has moved into a large new industrial site in Gardanne (still France), designed and constructed uniquely for state of the art pasteurisation services, inspired by six years of experience as well as the essence of all customer and partner audits. The optimisation the new factory brings are notable:

  • The highly modern building corresponding to latest security and production standards
  • Optimised allergen management in storage, unpacking and repacking zones
  • Reduction of bottlenecks in unpacking and repacking zones
  • Higher flexibility in storage before and after treatment
  • Additional space for future investment into further rotating production lines
  • FSSC 22 000 certification to be obtained in 2019
  • Economies of scale allowing optimised pricing for high volume orders (100MT+ annual).

With these expanded capabilities Steripure meets the demands of customers with very large volumes as well as those with smaller volumes, and can now even more efficiently treat a full line of products while responding to the specific needs of each customer.