Exporting to the USA

Exporting to the USA

If you want to export food products, such as nuts, to the United States, be prepared. The American dream exists, but without precautions it can quickly become a nightmare.
Indeed, the all-powerful FDA (Food and Drug Administration) within the framework of the Food Safety and Modernization Act, has recently reinforced the obligations on the safety of foodstuffs imported on American soil.


Its program to fight against the death of nearly 3000 citizens, 128 000 hospitalizations, and nearly 48 million inhabitants in the USA because of contaminated food, is based on 7 major rules.

What are they?

One of them, through the Code of Federal Regulations, specifies that imported raw products, such as nuts, for example, and other low-moisture foods, must not be contaminated or must be pasteurized beforehand, or when the product is used.
Given such figures on the consequences of contamination, it is obvious that the FDA is much more attentive to the risks of microbiological infestation from imported foods.
In this context, and in order to guarantee a good experience with its American customer, it is therefore up to the foreign supplier to ensure that its product is healthy and safe. This commitment to non-contamination must be verified and proven.

What are the risks when exporting to the United States?

Non-proofing is suspicious, and therefore accelerates analysis by the FDA. The slightest presence of pathogenic germs leads to the rejection of the import, and the reinforced surveillance of the exporter.
Not treating the product before export, not being able to prove its healthiness, means :
– A risk of immobilization,
– A risk of transport/storage costs,
– A risk of loss of damaged product,
– A risk of being under the reinforced surveillance of the American authorities.

The right reflex ?

Finally, this reinforcement from the USA will be adopted by many countries. It follows that to export to the United States as for many other countries, it is up to each exporter to anticipate and take the necessary measures. There are various treatment technologies, including the 3-dimensional one developed by Steripure, specially designed for products with low moisture content.