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A solution for reducing hydrocyanic acid content

A solution for reducing hydrocyanic acid content

Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1881/2006 (2) sets maximum levels for certain contaminants, including hydrocyanic acid, in foodstuffs.

The European Commission has set the maximum level of hydrocyanic acid authorized for flaxseed at 150 mg/kg.

Naturally produced by certain plants, it is therefore extremely toxic and can be found in flaxseed.

It is miscible in all proportions with water and boils at 26°C.

The saturated steam pasteurization system eliminates a significant proportion of the hydrocyanic acid contained in flaxseed. It also reduces the microbial load by 5 log of salmonella. Steripure’s equipment can process quantities ranging from a few kilograms to several dozen tonnes per day.

This highly volatile compound attaches itself to the water molecules carried by the steam, which are then evacuated by the final vacuum of the process.

Only saturated steam vacuum treatment can achieve this result, which is unattainable with other vacuum-free, ambient-pressure thermal systems.

The benefits are twofold:

  • Reduced microbial load
  • Reduced concentration of the acid present on the linseed.

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