Steripure’s process efficiency leads to an increase on demand for treatment, particularly on edible nuts

Fruits secs bandeau2While the harvest season for nuts is in full swing, Steripure is contemplating its treated volume multiplied by three on this product category compared to 2014

This drastic increase is explained by a growing awareness among European distributors and processors (German ones in particular), and by even more stringent bacteriological specs sets imposed by industry key buyers, but also by the quality of the results obtained with the Steripure process.

The vacuum and saturated steam process used is now well recognized for its high bacterial reduction efficiency but, more importantly for it unique capacity to maintain all organoleptic characteristics of the treated product.

Unlike other heat treatment processes, Steripure does not involve any mechanical flow or transfer of products, and requires lower operation temperature to achieve the targeted microbiological results. The products are not physically altered and the treatment best preserves their crunchy as well as their nutrient content.

Our service therefore meets two key requests: Safety and quality

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