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A product test in Steripure

A product test in Steripure

Why test your product?

Testing your product with our technology will:

  • To validate the reliability of our technology on your product
  • Validate the results of the analyzes with your specifications


The process ?


First of all, with the form below, contact our sales department, who will come back to you within 48 hours, to discover your need, your product with a few simple questions such as:

  • What problem do you encounter with this product (type of microbial contamination if known or infestation)?
  • Does your product contain different ingredients (sugar, maltodextrin , etc.) that are incompatible with heat?


This little familiarization done, we will give you some indications to answer your request as quickly as possible: Volume of sample to give us (generally between 3 and 5kg), the place and coordinates where to ship….

Upon receipt of the samples, the product test takes place in 2 phases:

Phase 1 :

We then carry out on our pilot equipment, 3 tests at different temperatures. The objective at this stage is to observe the reaction of the product (change in color, state, possibly smell, etc.).

We immediately send the samples to collect your opinion on “how the product reacts to our technology”, and choose the best temperature.

If Phase 1 is conclusive for both parties then we continue with phase 2.

Phase 2:

When you have chosen one of the samples and therefore the recipe that corresponds to it, we are able to carry out a so-called “industrial” test.

This time it is a question of testing the product on a larger scale on the line on which your product is to be treated in order to reduce and destroy the microbial load.

The principle is to carry out to the extent of the availability of your product, at least one cycle and ideally several cycles to refine the recipe as well as possible.

As soon as phase 2 is finished, then we discuss with you to draw the outlines and objectives of the project.


Finally, there is the possibility of carrying out a validation through an independent external laboratory. This validation allows us to commit to reducing the salmonella load by a minimum of 5 Log (/ per 100,000)


What is the cost of the test?


The price for a phase 1 trial is €300 excl. It may vary depending on the complexity of your request.

The price of phase 2 varies according to the quantity of product entrusted and the number of cycles to be carried out.


Don’t hesitate, fill out the form below. We will get back to you within 48 hours to discuss more.