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Roasting does not replace pasteurization

Microbiological contamination, particularly in raw products such as nuts, is a major risk. Roasting alone is insufficient for effective pasteurisation. Hot air only achieves a 2-log reduction, which is not enough to control the risk of salmonella, which requires a 5-log reduction. The NAPASOL system uses saturated

Our quality philosophy

Steripure has placed quality at the core of its strategy since its inception. The fundamental priority is to improve agricultural raw materials for the food and cosmetics industries. This quality approach is developed around 3 dimensions:   Rigorous processes of quality with an organization at the rendezvous Steripure is

Food microbial contamination: a hot topic!

When microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and toxins come into contact with food, the latter are contaminated. Not a quarter goes by without a hot topic about food microbial contamination. It is therefore a danger to public health. Fortunately, you can take your precautions beforehand,

Food Sterilization validation

To guarantee the quality and efficiency of an agro-food sterilization process, the validation protocol is an essential step. Its’ purpose is to demonstrate the perfect mastery of the different stages. Let's find out more specifically about the sterilization of food products with low moisture content. What

Stérilisez vos poudres avec la technologie Steripure !

Pasteurization of powders with Steripure technology !

Since January 2020, a new rotary system operating on the principle of saturated steam has been in place at the Steripure factory in Gardanne. This unique system developed by Steripure has proven itself on a wide variety of products, in particular on the pasteurization of

A product test in Steripure

Why test your product? Testing your product with our technology will: To validate the reliability of our technology on your product Validate the results of the analyzes with your specifications   The process ?   First of all, with the form below, contact our sales department, who will come back