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Pasteurization of powders with Steripure technology !

Stérilisez vos poudres avec la technologie Steripure !

Pasteurization of powders with Steripure technology !

Since January 2020, a new rotary system operating on the principle of saturated steam has been in place at the Steripure factory in Gardanne. This unique system developed by Steripure has proven itself on a wide variety of products, in particular on the pasteurization of powder and seeds.

What you should know : Pasteurization of powders

Powders have low humidity and AW (water activity). In this case, how to pasteurize powders without modifying their characteristics and qualities?

If you heat a powder with hot air to reduce its microbial load, you can easily see that this is causing an issue in achieving homogeneity in the temperature distribution. In addition, we know that dry heat is highly inefficient in reducing the load of a product…

Steripures’ solution for powder pasteurization

The mechanism applied at Steripure is to use saturated steam in a rotating tank.

Saturated steam has been shown to be effective starting from 80 ° C in reducing the microbial load of a product. The rotation of the tank makes it possible to obtain a perfect homogeneity of the distribution of the steam.

If we add to this the possibility of heating the double wall of the tank to avoid any condensation, at the end of the process we obtain a clean product treated at a relatively low temperature compared to other thermal processes.

The experience acquired over the past few years with many products shows us that this process has very little effect on the intrinsic qualities of the powders treated! The powder pasteurization is therefore done in a safe, controlled manner.

Rotary technology: Efficient powder pasteurization !

As soon as it went into production, the rotary system made it possible to efficiently process new families of products such as seeds or powders.

Sesame, flax, pink berries, cocoa powder, vanilla powder, , tigernut, psyllium, chia, turmeric, lichen, cumin are now part of Steripures’ expertise amongst others. Like the static process technology used for nuts or spices, this rotating equipment significantly reduces the microbial load of powders and seeds while maintaining their organoleptic qualities.

Once processed in this machine, the products are free of any pathogenic germs commonly found in food products such as salmonella, E.coli, Listeria etc…

Powders are complicated products to work with, but Steripures’ agility and its technology allow it to adapt to this complexity, making it possible to comply with customer specifications with respect to microbiological requirements.