Our philosophy regarding Quality

Founded on the very principle of improving the quality of agricultural raw materials with a view to their use in the food and cosmetics industry, Steripure has, since its creation, made quality a fundamental pillar of its strategy.


This quality approach is developed around 3 dimensions:


  1. Rigorous processes of quality with an organization at the rendezvous


Steripure is very aware of the serious consequences that food contamination can cause (health crisis, scandals, etc.) such as the recent Buitoni and Kinder cases.

Sharing this constant concern with its customers, Steripure has implemented rigorous processes from the receipt of the goods to their dispatch, including their processing and the systematic cleaning of the production lines between two production runs.

These processes established by the teams under the direction of the quality manager in 2012 were very quickly certified: 7 certifications to best meet the quality needs of its customers and market trends:

With its exemplary organization, Steripure makes every effort to respect the products of its customers.

Des process certifiés

  1. Preserve the qualities of the products:


The production and quality teams are careful to return a product that is at least identical to the one received but also sometimes improved when possible. For example the crunchy on nuts, or dusted for flax seeds.

Quality is not only respect for processes, it is also respect for the product.

Preserving the taste, the organoleptic quality, the nutritional qualities of each product during its decontamination process is the daily challenge of the Steripure teams.

It is in this state of mind that Steripure undertakes validations (17 to date) on these production lines on different products. None of the manipulations must alter the qualities of the product.

quality products

  1. Transparency:


Finally, who speaks of quality, speaks of transparency, of traceability. Steripure is part of this “traceability from farm to fork” dimension by respecting standards for all products.

These three dimensions, dear to Steripure’s vision and its role in agri-food processing, allow the company to be more efficient every day.

la traçabilité

Similarly, they respond to a strong desire of the Steripure teams to participate with their expertise:

  • Environmental issues: combating overconsumption, food waste, saving products from destruction for contamination, offering an alternative to returning products to their country of origin, etc.
  • Changes in food trends: natural products, local products, organic products, vegan products, allergen-free…