Towards a significant reduction in the cost of treating soft fruits

Plums, grapes, goji berries … fruits generally have a high microbiological load that is not destroyed by the drying processes whose temperatures are insufficient. Worse, the sugar concentration and the residual moisture content of soft fruits offer ideal conditions for the development of yeasts, molds and Enterobacteriaceae.

All these fruits react perfectly well to the heat treatment by vacuum saturated steam injection but require special precautions which, until now, had a significant impact on the cost of treatment.

Today, Steripure is in the process of validating an optimized dry fruit production line that will double productivity for this category of products while maintaining efficiency and post-treatment quality.

This technical breakthrough opens up new perspectives, particularly for all the soft fruits integrated into dried fruit and nut mixes for which preventive heat treatment becomes more and more systematic.

Newsletter january 2018