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24 January 2018 Steripure : providing services at European level

Our company now generates half of its turnover on export markets, demonstrating that it is organized to work on a European scale, respecting the costs and deadlines required by the international market. The fact that a variety of European actors use our services also proves

24 January 2018 Powdered products : is your process really safe ?

The agro-food industry is using more and more powdered ingredients, which can be easily incorporated into different recipes. We know from experience that these products generally have a high microbiological load; they are in fact particularly exposed to the risks of contamination during their transformation process,

24 January 2018 5 log kill step : soon a standard requirement for all tree nuts ?

Considered less risky because of their low moisturecontent in the past, nuts are now in the spotlight of quality assurance teams. Salmonella intoxications linked to almonds produced in California in the early 2000s have been a paradigm which has led the major players in the

26 May 2016 Equipment validation by FDA/Almond Board of California

Steripure Vacuum+Steam pasteurization system has been validated by FDA / Almond Board of California (July 2014) protocol Our vacuum + saturated steam treatment process has been validated according to the Almond Board of California (ABC) protocol. The tests, performed on almonds in the presence of an authorized inspector by the Food

25 May 2016 Detection of microbiological problems in a mixture of seeds : what to do ?

A simple routine bacteriological analysis of a mixture ready to be marketed which invalidate the results obtained upstream, and it is a whole batch of high added value product which can be brought to destruction. Indeed, each seed type reacts differently to heat treatment and it is usually impossible to