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22 June 2021 Food Sterilization validation

To guarantee the quality and efficiency of an agro-food sterilization process, the validation protocol is an essential step. Its’ purpose is to demonstrate the perfect mastery of the different stages. Let's find out more specifically about the sterilization of food products with low moisture content. What

25 May 2021 Pasteurization of powders with Steripure technology !

Since January 2020, a new rotary system operating on the principle of saturated steam has been in place at the Steripure factory in Gardanne. This unique system developed by Steripure has proven itself on a wide variety of products, in particular on the pasteurization of

8 March 2021 A product test in Steripure

Why test your product? Testing your product with our technology will: To validate the reliability of our technology on your product Validate the results of the analyzes with your specifications   The process ?   First of all, with the form below, contact our sales department, who will come back

2 March 2021 A microbial contamination ? What solutions do we have ?

  There are several solutions to get rid of a #microbial contamination problem 1️⃣   Chemistry Beyond regulatory bans, there is a consensus not to adopt this solution. Such as#ethyleneoxide found on many #sesame #psyllium products from India. 2️⃣  Ionization It is an effective technology and is allowed in France only for a

1 March 2021 Sesame seeds, a responsible and demanding Europe

Naivety about food imports?   Contaminated sesame seeds: the Senate denounces the failings of the control authorities. Strengthen controls or organize a more responsible supply chain? On these points the #exporters in the #producing countries, often far from the concerns of national markets. Should they themselves choose the solution

19 December 2018 Additional Tariffs on Nuts and Dried Fruits

  This situation was triggered by the US additional tariffs established on steel and aluminum imports from certain origins and the subsequent countervailing measures adopted by the countries affected. Are you among industrials who feel the impact of tariffs slowing down the dried fruit and nuts

4 December 2018 Steripure features an article in this month’s Ingredients Insights edition

With a big section on food safety in general, and on the microbiological risk on dried fruits and nuts in particular, this month's Ingredients Insights edition was strongly matching Steripure's business activity. While the European Food Industry still struggles to establish a coherent framework for quality


DISCOVER OUR 2018 STUDY ON The evolution of rancidity on untreated vs. roasted vs. vacuum saturated steam pasteurized nuts STUDY PRESENTATION Since the beginning of 2018, we conduct an 18-month study to monitor the development of rancidity on untreated nuts vs. roasted nuts vs. nuts pasteurized via a

9 March 2018 FDA updates spice risk profile; 7,200 samples analyzed

Four years ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a draft risk profile on the public health dangers associated with spices, identifying the presence of pathogens such as Salmonella and filth in general. It described efforts to reduce the public health risk posed by